6 God Flanders

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Made this image a couple of weeks ago as a few friends got Drake's (Or Durer's) praying hands tattooed on themselves. Thought a nice mix-up of Drake and Simpsons would go well, here's the vectored image.

'Trouble Brewing' Cataloging and Store

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Finally updated the Trouble Brewing Catalog (Although it is missing a couple of items) and items for sale in the Site Store. Check it out on the left hand side or alternatively click here for the catalog

And here are a couple of favourites from the night:

Soju-by-Timothy Duong.jpg

Commission: Reschs Pilsener

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Here is one of my favourite drinks, although it is best on tap to be honest but I do like the bottle label. It really does make me feel at home in Sydney when I drink one.

Cataloging Trouble Brewing

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Currently fulfilling commissions. Please contact me via the contact on the left hand side if you are interested in any particular pieces.