Rolling Stones

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The stones are rolling, getting into the groove. I've got the process on lockdown, it's now time to build up the content and start a proposal. It's kind of daunting thinking about it, 3 years since my last proper exhibition.

I also did spend some time overseas earlier this year, I do feel that there are some memories best left behind. I wish it wasn't the way it is... here's a photo from the trip.

Another to the Collection

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It's been some time since I've been sober so here's some drunken thoughts and works.

The Buddha bottle is seriously a terrible beer but it's a great bottle design. I've got plans for the bottles after I collect some more (I'm thinking a chandelier!) This piece will be in addition to the future exhibition.

Also below is my first planned tattoo, I've created it a couple of months ago and I'll eventually get the colouring done right but for the time being it's going to cover a few things from the cliché 'Carpe Diem' to the Asian 'Koi' tat that every Vietnamese guy gets on his arm or legs. #yolo


Soothing Drinks

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A work in progress.

As I drink myself to oblivion, there are only distractions that sooth the soul.

Existential Postings

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It's been quite a rough ride since the start of 2014 but I have good news! I have sold quite a few works via Instagram and plan to continue selling my works through Instagram or this website.

I've decided to sell my works as they have been sitting under my bed collecting dust for too long. I feel that they all need new better owners, so if you'd like to adopt a painting then please visit the 'store' link located on the left hand navigation panel (Yes, this website was totally outdated but I've fixed that!)

I'm currently working on a new body of work that focuses on my thoughts and troubles, I want to capture and bleed myself into these upcoming artworks for the eventual exhibition sometime this year. 

Keep a look-out and keep tabs. 

Timothy Duong

January the 16th 2014

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It's only 2 days before I leave for London. Soak up what heat Australia has to offer before I take in the harsh northern winters.